Coi Leray began making waves before 201 7wrapped up with her singles “G.A.N” and “PacGirl.” The two singles garnered initial buzz due to their hard-hitting beats, her uniqueness of being able to both rap and sing and the substance in her song writing.  Coi is a unique breed of artist.  Her delivery is aggressive and in your face, but her message is rare and provides a perspective unlike other female emcees in the game.

At the young age of16, Coi Leray dropped everything in her life, leaving high school and walking away from her family, in order to pursue herd reams.  She’s here to break the stereotype and provide a new definition for female emcees all over the world. Coi might be young, sitting at only 20-years old, but she has a vision.  Her soul is old, yet her sound is new and refreshing.  With her debut project ‘EverythingCoZ’ now out and a barrage of upcoming shows in her current calendar, Coi Leray is aiming to make sure that 2018 is hers for the taking.

Coi Leray